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Event Mod Listing

Nuclear Winter Event (1 Day Only)

Road Rage Returns · 1.1

Now with two levels (Evergreen Terrace and Entertainment District)

Road Rage Returns with a vengeance! 22 missions and all of the characters and cars have been brought over for extra fun.

Decompile this mod to include it's assets in your own! We can't wait to see what else you all create with this map!

by Donut Team

Holiday 2016

Holiday 2016 · 1.0

Get into the spirit by playing around with various holiday-themed costumes.

by Donut Team

Trick Or Treat 2016 - Day 3

Road Rage Returns Music · 1.0.1

Jam out to the original Road Rage soundtrack.

by Donut Team
No Jump Animations · 1.0

The most revolutionary and courageous mod we've ever made.

by Donut Team
Donut Team: Trick or Treat EP

This EP is currently unavailable.

by Donut Team

Trick Or Treat 2016 - Day 2

Lamborgotti DT760 · 1.0

One of the fastest and most beautiful cars is now available from Gil.

by Donut Team
Half-Life 2 Airboat · 1.0
by Donut Team
The Patty Wagon · 1.0

You don't need a license to drive a sandwich, now available in level 1.

by Donut Team
Halo Warthog · 1.0

A classic in it's own right, now available in level 1.

by Donut Team
Classic Donut Team Cars · 1.0

Drive around Springfield with classic rides that even Donut Team wants to forget!

by Donut Team
The PAYDAY Pack · 1.2

Drive around with Hoxton in the PAYDAY van and the MELTDOWN forklift.

by Donut Team

Trick Or Treat 2016 - Day 1

Sideshow Bob Character Pack · 1.0

Drive around Level 1 as Sideshow Bob.

by Donut Team
The Headless Character Pack · 1.0

Adds headless character variants for the original playable cast. Available in levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!

by Donut Team

Fourth of July 2016

Fourth of July Event · 1.0

Celebrate the Fourth of July with an America themed version of the Family Sedan and outfits for the player characters of the game!

by Donut Team

The Summer Road Trip 2016

Tower Tooth · 1.1

The biggest car mod available for The Simpsons: Hit & Run! Play as Tower Tooth, a special vehicle from Twisted Metal: Head On!

by Donut Team
Wireframe Character Pack · 1.0

Play with a wireframe version of all the base game's characters.

by Donut Team
Wireframe Car Pack · 1.0

Drive around with all cars in a wireframe mode!

by Donut Team
The Planet Express Ship Car · 1.0.1

Take the Planet Express Ship from the show Futurama on a joy ride!

by Donut Team
The Falcon Pack · 1.1.1

2 Mods in One: A recreation of the map "Big Blue" and "Blue Falcon" car from the SNES game F-Zero.

by Donut Team

Lucas Holiday Event 2015

Diddy Kong Racing: Jungle Falls · 1.0.1

Welcome to Jungle Falls from Diddy Kong Racing 64, we hope you're ready to earn some balloons! In one of the first ever Simpsons: Hit & Run custom worlds, you can enjoy three custom races and enjoy a brand new environment!

by Jake Andreøli
Mario Kart: Luigi Circuit · 1.0.1

Revisit Luigi Circuit from Mario Kart Double Dash. Explore the map in your car, or on foot (for the first time ever)! Try 3 new challenges based around this map as well.

by Loren Goodwin

Trick Or Treat 2015

Trick Or Treat 2015 · 1.5

Happy Halloween! We've crafted up an awesome treat to kick off the holiday, a new pack featuring reskins of the original cast and their vehicles.

by Loren Goodwin