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Mod Listing

Donut Mod · 3.2.3

Donut Mod is a re-imagining of the original Simpsons: Hit & Run story. Currently featuring the three classic levels, all with brand new missions, cars, collectibles and secrets to find!

by Donut Team
Donut Marge (for Homer) · 1.0

Adds the Donut Marge costume for Homer in level 1. The first custom character for the Simpsons: Hit & Run!

by Lucas Cardellini
Minecraft Pack

Adds a Minecraft skin for Homer and a Minecart that's driven by either Steve or Alex.

by Loren Goodwin
Trevor's Canis Bodhi · 1.0

Trevor is on a meth induced high and has left his vehicle in the care of Gil. Though, Gil isn't the person you want to leave your cars with. As Homer, go pick up Trevor's Bodhi from Gil for 1,000 coins!

by Jake Andreøli
Autumn Theme · 4.0

Replace the game's normal Summer theme and replace it with a colorful Autumn theme. This theme supports all 7 levels and works alongside Donut Mod.

by Loren Goodwin
RayBart · 1.0

Adds the "RayBart" character to Level 2 as a costume.

by Donut Team